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Split between California and New York City, Two Thousand Miles tells the story of illness, strength, and life-altering experiences through events that reunite a group of friends. 

Davis, a business student turned playwright dealing with Lupus, and his boyfriend Nate, an established composer learning how to take care of a loved one living with a chronic illness, are working towards the premiere of their new musical. Ava fights to share her reality of living with Arthritis and being a working actor, while Jessica struggles to reignite her passion after losing the job of her dreams. Julian and Christina are unexpectedly pregnant to his mother's disapproval; how will this affect their future and their relationship? Through their collective journeys, the friends show us how love can transcend illness and personal strife through acceptance and the bonds of friendship.

Written & Conceived by Alyssa Marie Williams 
Additional Material by Morgan Bartholick & Jaclyn Nash

Music & Lyrics by Hans Zanger
Produced by  Limitless Theater Company & Michael Gorman
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